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Renato Giordano is:
Renato Giordano is a theatre director, playwright and musician.

As a director, he has put on stage over 120 classical (Shakespeare, Goldoni, Marlowe, Plautus, Aristophanes, Cechov, Ariosto, Maupassant etc.) and modern (Fassbinder, Sartre, Pirandello, Bellezza, Svevo etc.) plays.

His latest works include Shakespeare “A midsummer night’s dream” with Pambieri e Caprioglio in 2004, “Il dolce canto degli dei”, with marked Giancarlo Giannini’s return to theatre at Taormina Arte in summer 2005, the “Decameron” with Peppe Barra and Andrè De La Roche in 2006, the “Satyricon” with Giorgio Albertazzi and Michele Placido in 2007, and very successful “The History of Love and Psyche”, in 2008.

He wrote 39 comedies, the most famous being “Doppio gioco” (Double dealin’), “Alle donne piacciono le canzoni d’amore” (Women like love songs), “L’ultimo rock all’inferno” (rock’n roll Hell) and “Quattro Stagioni” (Four Season). His plays have been performed in the most important Italian theatres and festivals.

He has also worked as a director abroad (in the USA, Russia, Romania, etc,) and his comedies have been staged in New York, Moskow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Bucharest, Los Angeles, Kalingrad, Brussel, Mexico City, Bogotà, etc.
He has been the director of the Tordinona Theatre in Rome since 1980, and was the director of the Italian Theatre Festival from 1982 to 2006. He was also the artistic advisor of the “Istituto Nazionale del Drama Antico” for the series of classical plays staged in Siracusa in 2003. From 1993 to 1995, he contributed to the artistic direction of the Nazional Theatre of Rome (Argentina) with regard to the planning of the production of Italian authors and has been, since 2007, a member of the authors directs and Antipiracy Committee of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and of the Committee art.21 of the SIAE.

A former member of the National Council for the Arts, he is the Secretary General of the National Union of Playrights (SNAD) since 1994, as well as a member of the board of directors and president of the Technical Committee of the ENAP (National Social Security of

Performers) and a member of the Artistic-technical Council of the ETI (Italian Theatre Board).
He also works as a TV director and writer, and has participated as a columnist in several RAI programmes.

He created “La Kore- Oscar della Moda”, RAI 1’s annual programme on fashion.
Particularly engaged in the study of Casanova, Renato Giordano has discovered and edited the publication of 2 unpublished woks written by the famous Venetian, “La calunnia smascherata” and “Lana Caprina”.

He has translated a numbers of works, expecially from English. He has also written several articles published in newspapers and magazines.
He is the Péresident or member of several panels, and has received many awards in Italy and abroad. As a playwright and director, he has won nearly every Italian theatrical award: IDI, Flaiano, Under 35, Vallecorsi, Fondi La Pastora, Enap Calendoli, Studio 12, Rosso di San Secondo, Vittorio Gassman, etc.

He has appointed first Ufficiale and then Commendatore of the Italian Republic for Artistic Merits.

Giordano in bangkok 3 senza ritorno
As a music and lyrics composer , he won the Critics’ Award at the “Sanremo Festival” , and wrote several music scores for movies and plays. More recently , he has been very active in the field of world music.

He is also a doctor specializing in endocrinology and diabetology.

Giordano con SATYRICON CIRCUS 2010

brindisi fine repliche Spoon River. Melato, Placido, Giordano.

Renato Giordano è docente all'accademia Actors Planet

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